Marriage Prep Mentorship

ยท For couples who attend Blue Ridge

For couples currently attending Blue Ridge Community Church who plan to be engaged or are already engaged to be married within the next year. Let us help you get started out on the right foot before your marriage begins.

Why pre-engagement / premarital mentoring?
Marriage is a big step, and we want to help prepare you for a healthy and enriching marriage. As you learn more about one another, the wedding preparations become even more meaningful and fulfilling as you look to a future with shared goals and expectations.

Most importantly, we want you to see how this experience can also help you draw closer to God as individuals and a couple.

How does it work?

  • Mentoring couple - You will be partnered with and contacted by a mentoring couple who has been trained to facilitate mentoring couples using the Prepare/Enrich curriculum. They have many life lessons to share and success in marriage.
  • Assessment - You will individually take the Prepare/Enrich online assessment, which includes about 200 questions. The Prepare/Enrich online assessment is the scientifically validated tool that is used as the foundation of our Marriage Prep Mentoring Ministry.
  • Meeting together - The curriculum is approximately 16 hours of study. You will meet with your mentoring couple six to nine times as you walk through the Prepare/Enrich curriculum. This relational approach allows for a warm personal experience.

How to get started
To begin, please email our leaders with your name and phone number. Someone will get in touch with you within two business days.

What is the cost?
The only cost is $35 per couple for the online assessment.

When is it right for you?
When you and your potential partner are having serious conversations about the future.